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September 12, 2007
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:blankstarerevamped: by zacthetoad :blankstarerevamped: by zacthetoad
This is my revamp of the classic :| for *EmoticonHQ.

There is little you can do with such a classic emoticon that already works so perfectly. I've completely reworked the shading to give it a more updated feel and only slightly played with the face.

I've placed a much stronger emphasis on the eyebrows giving it an angrier look, but I believe that when ever you use this emoticon its generally to portray an "You idiot" or "WTF are you talking about?" kind of expression, not a "I'm lost" one. I've also removed the nose because like any good emoticon it doesn't need one and try to blend in the eyes just a little.

It is somewhat similar to another version around, but with some clear differences, especially to the detailed eye.
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BaileyRivers Sep 18, 2008  Student General Artist
cool! i made a revamped blank too, but mine isn't as good as urs. ^^;

:| Awesome, it does look purdy angry ther' chief. :bucktooth:
Hey Zac... just stopped by to see what you've been submitting lately. :) This is cool, but I have to agree with some of the others and say that this is not as good as the original. The original has this authenticity to it that makes it great. The colours are plain, and blank, just like the emote itself. Your shading I think gives the emote too much... "personality", which I think takes away from the blankness of it. I enjoy the original better not only because it has the blank quality to it, but because it is a staple in the deviantART history. I don't think it needs to be revamped, to be honest.
Let's hope they listen. :P
Yeah. It pains me to think that classic emotes like this could just be dumped in favor of arbitrary 'upgrades'... I mean, sure, a lot of them could use it, but there are a handful that are dA through and through.

:| was never meant to be angry.

It's not something like "you idiot"

It is nothing.

I like the original better because it exactly portrays what it was going for.

I think the stark black/yellow plainness is better attributed to the purpose.

You apparently have a different intent when using :| and in that case yours may be better.

I will never let go of the old :| though.

It's better textually, even, though :|
I guess it comes down to interpretation. But I will say that I've seen it used more often in an "angry" expression than in a "lost" expression.

I do agree though, :| portrays the blankness better. :slow:
It's not for "lost"

It's for "blank"

...hence 'blank stare' ;)
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